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Delivery terms: FOB — port, stowed and trimmed Incoterms The Kelių plonas dawkowanie are delivered in separate consignments.

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The Specification is signed by authorized representatives of the Parties and it is considered an integral part of the Contract after its delivery in electronic format or by fax for implementation of the present contract.

Statements of the present Contract are applied except as otherwise provided in the Specification.

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Proprietary rights to the Goods delivered under the Contract pass from the Seller to the Buyer at the moment of accepting of the Goods by the Buyer at his warehouse in the territory of the Russian Federation, under condition of receiving payment for the delivered Goods by the Seller at the specified moment, according to item 4.

The Seller does not bear responsibility for any unforeseen circumstances which can occur after the Goods are loaded aboard the ship according to FOB loading terms. Thus, all subsequent risks, that may arise after loading of the Goods aboard the ship in the port of loading, mentioned in the Specification, are borne by the Buyer. Costs of Insurance of Goods are covered by the Buyer.

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The seller should deliver the goods within the time-limit, mentioned in the Specification as the loading date. Term of manufacturing of goods begins with the date of mutual approval of the Specification, approbation of master samples and fulfilment of terms stipulated in item 4.

The Buyer has the right to impose, and the Seller in this case, unconditionally accepts a penalty at a rate of 0. The Seller is obliged to organise by his own means a check of goods on the day of loading into container, to check box weight per item and to correct shipping documents if necessary.

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In case of discrepancy between data about quantity weight of the goods specified in shipping documents and actual quantity weightthe Seller bears responsibility for the additional expenses of the Buyer, arisen because of unreliable information, specified in shipping documents, and the Seller is obliged to recompense them for the Buyer completely. The mentioned expenses should be evidenced by the Buyer. It is meant by Documentary evidence, that the Buyer grants a claim along with enclosed copies of documents confirming the incurred expenses.

The claim is sent for the Seller by e-mail or by fax within 5 five kaip numesti svorio skelbimai days from the moment of obtaining by the Buyer of the documents confirming the expenses, arisen in connection with unreliable information specified in shipping documents. The seller is obliged within 5 five days from the date of reception of the Claim to send the Buyer by fax, a kelių plonas dawkowanie of acceptance of the claim or that of its rejection, containing motivation and mentioning the reason for rejection.

In case if in abovementioned time period the Seller does not send the notification, the claim is considered accepted. For loading without check the penalty of US dollars is imposed upon the Seller for each consignment of goods on which check was not performed.

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The seller is obliged to notify the Buyer on readiness of the Goods for loading and to confirm the size of the delivered consignment within approximately 10 ten days prior to loading. Whenever possible, packing list of the delivered consignment of goods should be svorio metimas prarado mėnesines with the notification.

The Buyer is obliged to arrive to the Seller up to the date specified by the Seller as the date of readiness of the goods, to accept the Goods and to sign the verification report. In case if the Seller does not deliver the original documents within the abovementioned time-limit, the Seller compensates to the Buyer the losses resulting from payment for the idle time and storage of containers in the port.

All expenses on a documentary traffic are kelių plonas dawkowanie by the Seller. In case if the Buyer submits a request for presentation of additional documents, the Kelių plonas dawkowanie is obliged to send the necessary documents by express mail within 10 days since the moment of reception of the mentioned request of the Buyer: In a case if the Seller does not present the requested documents, the penalty of US dollars is imposed upon the Seller.

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The Seller presents to the Buyer samples of the goods for compulsory certification. All expenses on performing of the certification are born by the Buyer. The parties have agreed that the Supplier has not the right to deliver like products having an identical decoration as those ordered by the Buyer to the external agencies, within 1 one year after their shipment to the Buyer.

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Date of drawing up the Bill of lading is considered the loading date. All the bank expenses in the country of the Seller are born by the Seller, and those in the country of the Buyer are born by the Buyer.

The Seller is obliged to transfer to the Buyer a confirmation of payment in electronic format or by fax within kelių plonas dawkowanie bank days from date of receiving the payment.

The goods should be packed into boxes, providing full safety for the Goods during their storage and transportation by all types of transport, including transhipments up to the point of destination as well as protection against pollution, rainwater and mechanic damages.

Each box should contain items of one standard size packed into it. All Goods should be loaded manually not palletised into containers.

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Not acceptable: popouts, flows, bubbles, striations, cracks, leak traces, cleavages, scratches, extraneous impurity, thread ruptures, geometry distortions, slotting defects of the rings, rind at the basis and on interior details. Appearance should correspond to the approved samples. Geometrical dimensions Should correspond to drawings for concrete type of an item and to approved samples.

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It is strictly not acceptable, that the smell of plastic would be transferred into the closed solution. This is not considered an kaip aš prarandu savo svorį inspection on quality of the Goods.

The buyer has the right to demand correction of defect.

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The goods are considered delivered by the Seller and accepted by the Buyer in terms of quality if the Goods correspond to item 5.

Reclamations of the Buyer about discrepancy in quantity and quality of the goods, detected during acceptance and sale of the goods by the Buyer, should be registered in the documents and confirmed by the internal acts drawn up by the commission of the Buyer, and are presented to the Seller, but within the period of no more than 40 days from the date of arrival of a ship to the port of destination.

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Expenses on carrying out of expertises in case of discrepancy of the goods in terms of quality are compensated by the Seller. The question about carrying out expertises is agreed by the parties. The seller is obliged to reply to the reclamation within 14 days from kelių plonas dawkowanie moment of its reception. In case of accepting the claims of the Buyer, the Seller undertakes to refund all expenses for the Goods, and also the expenses connected with delivery, customs clearing and settlement of the questions on the satisfaction of the claim.

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The Parties do not bear responsibility for not fulfilling its obligations agreed in the present contract if impossibility of their fulfilment occurred because of force majeur.

In case of emerging of circumstances when fulfilling of obligations, agreed in the present contract, becomes partly of fully impossible for any of the Parties, namely: fire, natural disasters, war, military operations of any kind, embargo, export or import prohibition or other circumstances, not depending on the Parties, the time-limit for fulfilling the obligations is rescheduled accordingly to the period of time, while the circumstances of such kind will remain in action.

A Party, which has faced impossibility of fulfilment of the obligations, agreed by the contract, kelių plonas dawkowanie in item 8. A certificate geriausios kokybės riebalų degintojai by Chamber of Commerce respectively of the country of the Oprah svorio prarasti or the Country of the Buyer will be accepted as such an evidence.

Delay or disability of fulfilling the obligations agreed in the contract by any of the Parties is not considered nonfulfillment of kelių plonas dawkowanie Contract and does not give cause for demanding compensation of damage or losses in case if a delay or disability of such kind is caused by circumstances or events, mentioned in item 8.

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If the mentioned circumstances or events are lasting more than 1 one month, any of the Parties will have a right to refuse partly or fully the subsequent fulfilling of obligations, agreed in the contract, having informed the other Party in advance — 14 fourteen calendar days before cancelling the fulfilment of obligations. In such a case material law of the country, in which legal proceedings are held, is applied.

Judicial decisions of the court are definitive and obligatory for both Parties. All agreements and appendixes to the present Contract are valid only in case if they are made in written form and signed by the persons authorised by the Parties.

Unless otherwise stipulated by special provisions, any of the Parties are not entitled to delegate its rights and contractual obligations without the written consent to that of other Party.

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Unless otherwise stipulated by special provisions, interpretation of trade terms in the present Contract should correspond to the international rules for the interpretation of trade terms INCOTERMS It is concluded without day and it comes into force from the moment of its signing by both Parties. Under the agreement of parties. Facsimile copies of the documents mentioned in point 3.